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    NB Quality L33 PTFE Oil

    NB Quality L33 PTFE Oil - Thin Teflon Lubricating Oil.

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    NB Quality L33 PTFE Oil - Thin Teflon Lubricating Oil.

    PTFE Oil is a highly refined synthetic lubricating oil. The product carries extremely well and has a wide range of operating temperature. Due to its special composition the oil has small internal resistance and good load resistance (PTFE particles) also in the most extreme conditions. The product is harmless on plastic.

    Compared to sticky PTFE lube and PTFE lube, the PTFE Oil carries considerably better and the product endures wider range of operating temperature. Stability and low internal resistance at subzero degrees are especially important. The product binds dust and dirt minimally.

    • Carries extremely well
    • Temperature resistance -55 ºC up to +250 ºC
    • Low internal resistance of the lubricant
    • Does not attract dirt
    • Good load bearing capacity

    Technical Information:
    • Base substances: PTFE powder, oils, antioxydants
    • Colour: Clear, slightly yellowish
    • Temperature resistance: -55 ºC up to +250 ºC
    • Corrosion resistance: medium
    • Load resistance: average
    • Water resistance: medium
    • Density: 0,683 g/ml

    • PTFE Oil is suitable for lubricating locks, sliding surfaces, refi ned mechanisms, wire ropes, bushings, bearings of roller-skates and hinges. These places of use are characterized by lower load than average, dusty environment and wide range of temperature.
    • In exceptional cases it is suitable for dissolving rust.

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