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    NB Quality

    NB Quality L10 Clear Silicon

    NB Quality L10 Clear Silicon - Silicone Lubricant.

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    NB Quality L10 Clear Silicon - Silicone Lubricant.

    Clear silicon is a clear, quality lubricant containing silicone. The base of the product is silicone oil with high load and temperature bearing capacity, with various additives.

    Clear silicon is intended for lubricating, cleaning and protecting rubber, plastic, metal and wood. The product reduces considerably the intersurface friction coefficient, prevents their jamming (freezing), repels moisture, gives the surface a nice shine and protects from external influence (UV radiation).

    • Clear lubricant
    • Prevents sticking of surfaces
    • Conditions and freshens plastic and rubber parts
    • Prevents gaskets from freezing

    Technical Information:
    • Base substances: silicone oil, hydrocarbons
    • Colour: clear
    • Odour: typical
    • Temperature resistance: -40 ºC up to +150 ºC
    • Water resistance: very good
    • Density: 0,70 g/ml

    • Clear silicon is suitable for use everywhere where clear and thin layer of lubricant is needed.
    • The aforementioned places of use are usually characterized by high jamming risk, moisture, water access, volatile dust, average load and temperature range.
    • When used correctly, the lubricating layer remains almost dry and does not soil the surrounding details.
    • NB! Do not use in paint shops or working spaces that share the common ventilation system.

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