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    NB Quality

    NB Quality L42 Brake Grease

    NB Quality L42 Brake Grease - Copper Lubricant.

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    NB Quality L42 Brake Grease - Copper Lubricant.

    Brake Grease is a high-quality copper lubricant with high load-resistant and wide temperature resistant properties. The product stays well on the surface and has good corrosion resistance. The lubricant contains copper powder that guarantees the product’s durability, increases the load resistance and reduces the jamming of details.

    • Good lubricating properties
    • Prevents parts from jamming
    • Temperature resistance -40 ºC up to +1100 ºC
    • Stays well on surface

    Technical Information:
    • Base substances copper powder, oils
    • Colour: brown
    • Odour: typical
    • Water resistance: very good
    • Temperature resistance: -40 ºC up to +1100 ºC
    • Load resistance: very good
    • Corrosion resistance: very good
    • Density: 0,733g/ml

    • Automotive: lubrication of brake and chassis parts, exhaust systems and battery clamps.
    • Industry: heavy load traverse rods, shafts, slow-moving bearings and at pressed fit details.
    • NB! Do not use in assemblies sealed with rubber or plastic and near ABs sensors!

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