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    NB Quality

    NB Quality L87 Chain & Cable Grease

    NB Quality L87 Chain & Cable Grease - Chain and Cable Layer.

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    NB Quality L87 Chain & Cable Grease - Chain and Cable Layer.

    Chain & Cable Grease is a good lithium complex lubricant. High MOS2 content gives the product excellent load and temperature resistance (short term up to +450 ºC). Due to the special composition, the product has good adhesion to various surfaces, excellent corrosion resistance and tear-off ability. Lithium complex grease, additives and mineral oil compound gives the product excellent surface durability, corrosion resistance, lubrication and lubrication.


    • Good climbing

    • Good adhesion and water repellency

    • Temperature tolerance -30 ° C to +160 ° C

    • High load-carrying capacity

    • Good corrosion resistance

    Technical Info:

    • Basic ingredients: lithium complex soap, mineral oil, additives and MOS2 • Color: dark gray • Odor: Typical • NLGI Class: 1 • Load-bearing capacity 4-Ball (IP239): 295kg • Load-bearing capacity: very good • Wear 1h / 400N: 0.8mm • Water resistance: very good • Temperature Tolerance: -30 ºC to +160 ºC (short term +450 ºC) • Density: 0.611 g / ml Uses: • Chain & Cable Grease is suitable for lubricating and assembling chains, cables, gear rails, bays and cylindrical surfaces. • These applications are usually characterized by high loads, friction, different temperatures and aggressive environments.

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