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    NB Quality

    NB Quality L30 Multi Hi-Tech Oil

    NB Quality L30 Multi Hi-Tech Oil - Moisture-Repellent Thin Lubricant.

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    NB Quality L30 Multi Hi-Tech Oil - Moisture-Repellent Thin Lubricant.

    Multi Hi-Tech Oil is a moisture-repellent refined lubricant consisting of oil mix, antioxydants and solvent. The product protects electrical components from moisture and repels already existing moisture - does not mix with water.

    The product efficiently dissolves rust and loosens jammed joints. Multi Hi-Tech Oil has cleaning, protecting, lubricating, rust destroying and moisture-repelling properties.

    • Protects from moisture
    • Good rust destroying properties
    • Forms a protective layer
    • Good penetrating properties

    Technical Information:
    • Base substances: mixed oils, antioxydants, solvent
    • Colour: slightly yellowish
    • Odour: typical
    • Temperature resistance: -50 ºC up to +90 ºC
    • Corrosion resistance: low
    • Load resistance: low
    • Water resistance: does not mix
    • Density: 0,77g/ml

    • Multi Hi-Tech Oil is suitable for use in the following areas: maintenance of electrical components like connectors, high voltage wires, sensors, ignition coils, and in the maintenance of mechanical parts like bolts, nuts, locks, hinges, traverse rods and pins.
    • Due to good cleaning properties the product can be used for removing tar stains, diffi cult lubricants and oils.
    • NB! Do not use in medium or high load mechanisms and in places with plenty of water access.

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