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    NB Quality

    NB Quality L32 PTFE Lube

    NB Quality L32 PTFE Lube - PTFE Lubricant.

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    NB Quality L32 PTFE Lube - PTFE Lubricant.

    PTFE lube is a clear general lubricant capable of bearing very wide temperature range and protects details from corrosion. The product contains tefl on particles that prolong the lubricating interval, reduce friction and increase the load resistance. The product carries well and stays well on the surface.

    • Efficient general lubricant
    • Reduces friction
    • Good penetrating properties
    • Forms a protective layer
    • Temperature resistance -50 ºC - +250 ºC

    Technical Information:
    • Base substances: PTFE powder, oils, antioxydants
    • Colour: slightly yellowish
    • Temperature resistance: -50 ºC up to +250 ºC
    • Corrosion resistance: good
    • Load resistance: average
    • Water resistance: good
    • Density: 0,676 g/ml

    • PTFE lube is suitable for lubricating locks, sliding surfaces, delimiters, hinges, valves and other medium load bearing mechanisms. These places of use are usually characterized by average or lower than average load, great fluctuation in temperatures, moisture access and variable climate.
    • The product lubricates, protects, prevents from jamming and conducts heat away from the lubrication spot.
    • NB! Not to use in super-refined mechanisms, e.g. lock cylinders.

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