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    BMW 5 E60 (2003-...) (2 Parts) Rear-Drive

    Extremly Strong Engine Protection Shield helps to protect your car engine from damages, dirt and mud. Installation bolts & screws in package are included.

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    Safety To fix the shield we use the pulled off units.

    The shield is firmly attached to the car frame and will easily stand any dumps, and shield and fixtures will remain undamaged.

    In case of a car accident the fixtures are simply cut off, without reducing the safety level of your car. Material Shields are made from the new generation material.


    It is the composite material. The composite material, compared with metal, is greatly preferable due to its durability, it is more light-weighted, and the engine shield from the composite material is not distorted at bumping.

    Furthermore, the technology enables to manufacture products of the most complicated shapes, straight according to your car.


    Warranty Installation of the engine shield does not alter anything in the car design, and it cannot breach the factory warranty for the new car. We provide the 2-year-warranty against damage.

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